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5 Things to Bring to Your First Dental Visit

Being prepared for your first dentist visit can be the key to a smooth transition and will help ease any pre-checkup stress. I’ve generated a list of items you may wish to consider and prepare before arriving to the dentist office. Preparation can help speed up the process and ensure a quick visit.

The following is a list of items that almost every new patient should have with them prior to arriving. Of course, any questions patients may have prior to coming to the office can be answered by calling the office.

5 things to bring to your first dental visit:

1. Questions for the Dentist

Prior to your first visit, prepare a list of questions you might want to ask the dentist. Also ask your family if they have any questions regarding their dental health. You may find yourself with several questions to ask so you may with to write them down so you don’t forget when you’re actually in the chair with the dentist.  If writing a list is not your thing, then maybe a simple email to yourself that you can check on smartphone might be a great alternative.

2. Prior Dental History 

Obtaining records from your prior dentists would be ideal but even if you don’t have that type of dental history, consider just sitting down for a few minutes to think about any type of dental work and checkups you have had in the past.  This might be a bit tricky if you haven’t seen a dentist in a while but it can be very helpful to the dentist if you remember at least major dental health instances. It’s especially helpful to keep track of when the last time you had dental x-rays performed.

3. Method of Payment for your Dental Services 

Elgin Dentist New Patient Form
Printing and Preparing our new patient form prior to your first visit can help speed up the process.

Prior to scheduling your first visit, it’s best to determine the type of payment you will be using and or if your insurance is accepted by our practice.  If a patient is utilizing insurance coverage for payment, it never hurts to call the insurance provider prior to your visit to verify any type of co-payment and a synopsis of what your dental coverage provides.   Here at Peacock Dental, we accept most types of insurance. For a list of insurance providers accepted please visit our services page or give us a call.  Also, don’t forget to bring your insurance cards with you to your office visits.

4. Photo Identification

To protect you, please bring a form of photo identification so we can match your patient profile and insurance. A state issued drivers license or Illinois State ID will do.

5. New Patient Form

Finally, if you’re visiting Peacock Dental for the first time, please print and bring or fax over a completed new patient form.  This will help speed up the process.  To view and print the form, please visit our forms page.


Dr. Angi Landrowski is the managing dentist at Peacock Dental located in Elgin, Illinois on McLean Boulevard between Wing Street and Larkin Avenue.   Call us today to book an appointment to see the dentist or to ask a question.

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