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Rid Ill-fitting dentures with Implants

Good news for denture wearing patients!  The days when dentures slip and slide around your mouth are gone. Even denture adhesive can be eliminated.

When patients first receive dentures, they generally fit reasonably well. Over time, the bone that once held everything in place can resorb leading to ill-fitting dentures. Especially common are changes in the lower arch, as the bone resorbs downward leaving a flat arch and nothing for dentures to hang on to.  When dentures are not firmly in place, it can make it very difficult to eat without adhesive, sometimes making it difficult for patients to enjoy their favorite foods.

Denture Implants can hold everything firmly in place.

Nearly every patient can have up to two implants placed in each arch of their mouth and are used to hold dentures in place.  The process can be done in the office and under a local anesthesia. After the areas have healed (Approximately 3-4 months in the upper jaw and 4-8 months in the lower jaw), male attachments, which look similar to a door knob or a top hat are placed on the implants. Female attachments are then retrofitted to the old denture, often right in the office, meaning patients can keep the dentures they’re comfortable with, if desired.

With denture lock in place, most patients never use adhesive again and can eat with peace of mind.

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